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Teaching Activities  
Principal’s role involvement in the School Activities
Teaching Activities
The role of the Principal is significant management of school. The role of a principal is to provide strategic direction in the school system.
Principal develops standardized curricula, assess, teaching methods, monitor students achievement, encourage parent involvement, revise policies and procedures, administer the budget, hire and evaluate staff and oversee facilities. The school principal is one of the most prominent leaders among teaching and non teaching staff in the institution. The work of a school principal combines elements of teaching with some other important administrative tasks. They are generally responsible for supervising all academic and extra-curricular activities, overseeing the disciplinary practices of the school, and running the school.
School Principals are also in charge of making arrangement of Staff both Teaching and non-teaching personnel, managing school budget and documenting and reporting the academic performance of students to the superintendence and the school board. One of their main duties includes overseeing the subject taught by teachers ensuring adherence to the regulatory curriculum as well as to the particular ideals, rules and principles of the school.
It is doubtlessly said that the school Principal is one of the greatest mentors, guardians and advisers in the institution. He /she is an inspirational source who often tries the best for the betterment of the institution. The precious role played by the principal influence students academic achievement in many ways.
  • Establishing a vision that motivates the students and teachers.
  • Attending morning assembly regularly including discussion on important events and present day issues to brush up the knowledge of students.
  • Delivering speech full of moral values helps students in learning good manners and disciplines which are the prominent symbols of DAV institution switch produces global and aware citizens.
  • Taking a surprise test fills students with enthusiasm to grasp the taught chapters and lessons clearly so that they may not lose any opportunity.
  • A surprise visit during class hour, motivates teachers and students both and it create an inspirational environment makes more conscious to do the duty honestly.
  • Highly visible quality helps students and teachers both on the discussion of any personal problems.
  • Motivational and inspirational ideas help students to overcome many difficulties.
  • Assisting teachers in facilitating conflict resolution between students whenever necessary.
  • Working with external partners such as social workers and religious mentor helps and supports students to grow with their sound health and innovative ideas.
  • Appointing the effective new teachers in the institution also ensure the bright future of the students.
  • Significant and special attention on Hawan, Yoga and Ayurvedic Treatment naturopathy develops awareness among students staff and parents about the natural methods, Home remedies of treatment and also acts as preventive measures.
These are some of the important role/involvement of Principal in the school/teaching activities which help students and staff both for their academic, holistic and all round development. That is why it is said that progress of any institution depends upon its master/ Head.
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